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5 Reasons to Buy a Pre-Sold Apartment

pre-sold apartment plan

For an aspiring homebuyer, investing in a pre-sold apartment might be one of the wisest decisions to make because it provides considerable value for your money. Preselling properties are those that are still under construction, but buyers can nevertheless buy off the blueprint. While this might seem like an unconventional way of buying property, and […]

4 Reasons to Add Apartments to Your Property Portfolio


People are often confused between buying a house and buying an apartment. While both hold considerable advantages, buying an apartment could be a wiser choice, especially if you intend on building up your property portfolio. Investing in an apartment could be a great way to add value to your property portfolio, providing you with innumerable […]

4 reasons to invest in serviced apartments

serviced apartments

Serviced apartments are those that come with hotel-like benefits, providing facilities for the residents, like a maid service, reception/concierge facilities, as well as amenities like a pool, gym, and so on. These are usually located in a prime area in the city and are of a high quality. Investing in such an apartment could ensure […]

How to invest like a professional property investor

property investor

Interest rates being at historic lows at the moment. People are now egging to invest in property, and much more wanting to learn how to buy a second house. While current market conditions might make situations difficult for first-time homebuyers, a professional property investor leverages this to buy a second house. Property investor secrets to […]

How to Put a Time Limit to Apartment Offers

waiting apartment offer

Let’s say you’ve found the apartment of your dreams, but there are other offers on the table. How might that situation play out for you, and how much time before you know if your offer has been accepted? In most cases, other interested buyers will have 48 hours to get their offers in. That’s fairly […]

How Long Does it Take to Sell Apartments?

apartments timing

Timing is everything, so the question of how long it might take to sell your apartment is probably one of the first you’ll ask your real estate agent. Whatever comes next for you, it’s important to know what the carrying costs might be in terms of your current (and possibly next) mortgage, and when you’ll […]

Know the Hidden Expense When Selling Your Home


When selling your apartment, you know that you need to pay your real estate agent’s commission. But that’s not the only expense you have to settle. There are several other costs to consider when choosing the agent to market your property. Understanding the fees up front will help you ultimately bring home more dollars. Here […]

Understanding Your Agent’s Commission

real estate commissions

To sell your property quickly for the price that you want, you will need to invest in many services. Hiring a quality agent is one of them. If you are running on a tight budget, knowing your agent’s commission rate beforehand will help you correctly set your budget so that you will still have enough […]