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Buy a Property in Auckland

Buy property in Auckland
Apartments for sale in Auckland

If you’re looking to buy a home, but need someone to advise you on the process, consider speaking to our Buyers’ Agent Team.

Our team will be able to help you find not only the properties we sell, but also those sold by other real estate agencies, and help you broker the best deal. That means you have a skilled real estate negotiator on your side as well.

We help answer questions with regard to prior properties and show you what is relevant to you, to save hours looking through magazines, newspapers and websites for the perfect home. In several cases, we also are able to pass on a few ‘bargain buys’.

We can help with buying properties, including:

• Houses
• Town-houses
• Apartments
• Units and flats
• Sections and rural properties

You can feel free to contact us, whether you are a first-home buyer or been in the market before, or looking to snap up a few property investment homes you can rent out.

For information on house and apartment prices, as well as help in buying or selling property in Auckland or the rest of New Zealand, the team at NZ Residential is here to help you. We can help you when it comes to buying or selling property in New Zealand.

You can sell your home, or sell it the NZ Residential Way.
NZ Residential is committed to marketing your property to an excellent standard, doing more than you would normally expect, to successfully sell your property.

Smart Thinking

We have 3 intelligent teams working for us; the Sales Team, Property Marketing Team, and the International Marketing Department.

International Marketing

We can market your property both to those in New Zealand as well as people overseas, to help get you a wide range of buyers.

Outstanding Results

We are a team you can rely on to produce great results for you throughout the sale process.