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How to Find a Real Estate Agent in Auckland

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Many people are unsure how to choose a real estate agent when selling their residential property. How do you know who is best for you?

First: Understand what real estate agents are about

First, you need to understand that there are many different types of real estate agents, and agencies. No two real estate companies, or real estate agents, are the same. Through signs you may have seen, ads you may have received in your mailbox, or experiences you have had in the past, thought about different real estate agents and companies. You may have dealt with real estate agents in the past, leaning you to be inclined to work with them as they are familiar face.

Second: Decide what you want in a real estate agent

Different real estate agents operate differently, here are some examples:

• Speed of sale: Many real estate agents are proud to say they sell houses quickly, with some selling homes in as quick as 3 or 4 days. However, rushing into a sale may mean that you never actually get what your home is worth. (Yes, that can literally be the difference by tens of thousands of dollars). Large real estate companies, like some of NZ’s biggest brands, are actually notorious for selling your home as fast as possible, which might sound great, but in reality you are missing out on thousands of dollars. We’ve seen houses that should have sold for $800,000, sell for $650,000. Or as much as $2million, fall short at the $1.5m.

o Note: You might think that real estate agents are going to actually sell for as much as possible, so they get paid more. However that is not quite the case. Because of many of NZ’s ‘big players’ in real estate structure their commission calculations, they encourage agents to sell as fast as possible, rather than for as much as possible.

• Price you want for your home: A lot of people want to get maximum dollar for their home, especially as a result of numerous property booms not just in Auckland but throughout New Zealand. But, some people are also quite happy to take a reasonable amount of money (not the most amount of money) and move on to the next step in their life.

• How you want to be treated: You shouldn’t feel like you ‘butt heads’ with your real estate agent. Some real estate agents aren’t great communicators, and some may communicate too much for your liking. You should consider a real estate agent that is going to actually provide you with what suits your personality.

Third: Speak with the real estate agent, and see if they are right for you:

You should invite the real estate agent to your home and let them give an appraisal of it. This will give you a chance to meet them in person, and also give them a chance to better understand your home.

When you meet the real estate agent, ask yourself:

• Are they presentable (See how they present themselves, and their company? NOTE: Many large real estate agencies will throw thousands of dollars at booklets that they give agents, which they give out for free to all team members – you do not want to be confused by this. Actually see what marketing materials they have personally. That is, with their name printed on it. That is a stronger reflection of how they present themselves, and the level they invest in their own life and the standard they set).

• Do they make you feel comfortable?

• Are they intelligent? (There’s no point in hiring a real estate agent to sell your home if they are just going to be similar to a human cash register. See if they can give you some tips and tricks of the trade).

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