First Home Buyers

A lot of people who are interested in NZ Residential’s properties are first home buyers. While it isn’t a requirement as such to be a first home buyer to buy, there are many advantages if you are.

Many New Zealanders are motivated to own their own home. Rather than spending thousands every year on rent, they realise that owning their own home allows them to have an asset, rather than making someone else rich.

- The NZ government is potentially offering up to $20,000 per family buying a home. This grant is only available for lower priced properties, which a lot of the ones promoted through NZ Residential are!

- You can potentially use your KiwiSaver to buy a home. KiwiSaver has been a great way for families to save to buy a home.

The homes are constructed to a good standard of living, with quality workmanship.

Having a first home can be a great opportunity.


House Buying

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Quality Homes

We promote the
construction of quality

Easy to Understand

We are passionate about
making the process easy.


Quality Homes

Buy a quality home that will last you for many years to come. Buying new means you get
the benefits of a newly built property, and a form of a guarantee.

Easy to Understand

We are passionate about making the process easy to understand, to help keen house
buyers get on the property ladder and achieve their goals.

Great Locations

Promoting homes in many up and coming New Zealand locations, and bringing a great
place to live for families.

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