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International Property Marketing Auckland


Many people are asking how they can sell their home for more by taking advantage of international buyers, who are often prepared to pay more for your home.

Our own International Marketing Team is able to market your property internationally, so more serious investors can find it.

Here’s a warning – Not everyone can do this. That’s why we have an International Marketing Team working for us.

International investors for some time now, have seen New Zealand as a great country in which to buy property investments. There are a few reasons for this, but generally New Zealand has relatively favourable tax systems, investment policies, foreign ownership regulations and low corruption compared to other parts of the world.


However international investors are admittedly limited in information on what properties are for sale. You can imagine that someone halfway around the world isn’t going to read every page of the Property Press. Or they aren’t going to know about your home, if you don’t make it easy for them to find it.Our International Marketing Team at NZ Residential has huge experience in creating marketing campaigns for a variety of different services in various parts of Asia, Australia, Europe, South Africa, and the USA.

The result is that your property becomes easy to find for international investors, and they are more likely to take interest have their appointed person locally, come by for a viewing and put in an offer.

You can sell your home, or sell it the NZ Residential Way.
NZ Residential is committed to marketing your property to an excellent standard, doing more than you would normally expect, to successfully sell your property.

Smart Thinking

We have 3 intelligent teams working for us; the Sales Team, Property Marketing Team, and the International Marketing Department.

International Marketing

We can market your property both to those in New Zealand as well as people overseas, to help get you a wide range of buyers.

Outstanding Results

We are a team you can rely on to produce great results for you throughout the sale process.