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Our Open Home Portal™ lets you track our progress and results with the sale of your property, and learn how many people are attending your open home. This is a transparent way of getting more information and seeing how the property is going on the market.

When you choose to sell through NZ Residential, we provide you with a login to our online system which you can login through from your computer, iPad or smartphone, and see how the sale of your property is going. Gone are the days of being caged off and left in the dark about selling your home; we like to be accessible.

In addition to the portal, we also take accessibility to a whole new level. With us, your property typically won’t just be marketed in your area, but also across the country and internationally. Our International Marketing Department, on request, can also take care of dealing with translating your property’s marketing to over 10 different languages, and promoting it throughout the globe. This opens up your property to potentially more interest, more investors, and more people wanting to put in an offer.

Furthermore, we don’t simply list your property on TradeMe or in the Property Press and hope for the best (because you sure can do that yourself!). We proactively go out there and make your property known. We not only have a database of people interested in properties similar to yours, but we also proactively contract prospective buyers, investors, and so on, to get them interested in your property. That’s because not all home buyers are reading the Property Press or browsing on TradeMe in the 1 or 2 months your home will be up for sale.

Unfortunately, many real estate agencies operate in a way where they don’t quite like to share listings around. If you sell your property with “Joe”, Joe is usually one of the only people who gets to sell your property. It can be frowned upon for someone else in the agency to bring a buyer, due to this taking a chunk out of their commission. Does that help you? Absolutely not! A real estate agency which has promised to market your home is actually only leaving it up to one man or woman.

Instead, we work hard to provide a system where our team is motivated to cross-promote it, and still ensure fairness through the process. This team approach, together with intelligence and determination, and a realisation that we have to make your property accessible to reach a very wide audience, is the key for our success.