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Our fair fee system means that when you come to sell your home, you pay a fair price for the commission.

Many people are shocked to find that when they inquire about selling their property through a large national ‘corporate’ real estate agency, they are hit with huge commission fees, administration fees and marketing fees – money can be used for the things that matter to you, such as a new home, money for the family, funds for another home, easing up your finances, or whatever other your goals may be.

At the same time, we also warn against ‘low fee agencies’ and also large real estate agencies, which don’t actually present good value for money. With low fee agencies, you typically find that they don’t maximize the potential of your home, or to help you sell it for more.

And with larger real estate agencies, unfortunately, in real estate, you don’t always ‘pay for quality’. With large real estate agencies, you are often paying a fee that ends up with a faceless corporation, and is not fairly split with those who do the work for you. That isn’t the recipe to success, or having people work harder to sell your home.

By choosing NZ Residential, you are choosing a real estate agency that works more intelligently than other everyday ‘corporate’ agencies, because we are motivated to be more flexible, and have the ability to market your property locally and internationally through our cutting-edge approach. Our standard ensures that our fees are fair, so that when we sell your property, you are able to keep more of the proceedings from the sale for yourself.

Our smarter approach ensures that our fees stay affordable, whilst being able to produce results that work toward generating a return on investment for selling with our agency. Think smarter; choose NZ Residential.