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Auction, tender, listed price or negotiation – the choice is yours. Here at NZ Residential, we don’t force you down one path of how to choose your property, but we help make recommendations so that you can achieve the strongest possible result.

Here at NZ Residential, our Property Marketing Team work to support our salespeople, ensuring that we apply the best mix of sales strategies and a ‘be-spoke’ approach to selling your home.

1. Many real estate agencies push the idea of an ‘auction’. Auctions can be a great way to sell properties, but they don’t actually suit every type of property or every type of seller. Bottom line: an auction has its time and a place, but for most agents, it is an easy money maker to push. It almost guarantees a sale, but cannot guarantee the best buyer.

2. We are flexible with what you want to achieve. Some people want to sell quick, so if a 3-week campaign is what you want, that is fine with us. On the other hand, we’re happy to talk about having extended campaigns, which can give your property more exposure and interest.

3. Our team understands that no situation is the same, and we are flexible with your requirements. We are keen to help, understand your circumstances, be patient with your requirements, and provide a marketing campaign that suits your property. We also listen to our vendors, and provide them with excellent service.

Whatever real estate agency you choose, they should realize that they need to be flexible with your requirements and your property. A one-size-fits-all model such as a ‘3-week auction campaign’ and selling your house in a way they think is easiest (but probably tell you is best), isn’t going to help you.