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Reliability in real estate means that you can find consistency and quality from the real estate agent you use to sell your home. You should be able to depend on them and their company for accuracy, honesty and achievement.

However, most people find that the glory days of choosing a real estate agent end very quickly, soon after they sign the agreement to sell their home, known as the listing agreement. The agent who once promised them the world of selling their home for top dollar and had all the paperwork to prove it, now gives them a call two weeks later saying they are struggling to get the price they want, and they may have to take a lower offer.

Let’s be honest. This type of behavior can be misleading and highly unethical, especially as you are dealing with someone’s home for sale. This can cost them tens of thousands of dollars. It’s not uncommon for someone to be promised, say, selling a home for $1.2 million dollars, and then having to take an offer or an auction that ends up at around $900,000. What causes this? Usually a lack of skill and reliability.

At NZ Residential, we work in a way where we bring reliability to the overall process. Our salespeople, Property Marketing Team and International Marketing Department, work together to put a systematic plan to promote your property to a broad range of people. Our team works around the clock to bring results, follow up leads, and keep you, the seller, well-informed throughout the process.

We are passionate about providing a consistent level of service throughout the process, ensuring that, at all times, our promise of service and the great feeling of choosing NZ Residential, lasts throughout the process.