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We act in your best interests, and work as hard as we can to get you the best results when selling your property. Whether you’re looking to sell it for the highest price possible, or looking for a quick sale, or something more flexible with a longer settlement date, we can help you. Part of this comes from us having an excellent standard of service we work hard to bring all our clients and customers, but also our business, ensuring that we hold high standards for property marketing and knowledge, which is what helps get you results.

It’s about having determined people, and intelligent people – at the same time. Not one or the other.

When you put these two things together, a real estate agency can then achieve great results for yourself. It no longer becomes a hit and miss game of “can they sell my house, and get me what I want?”. It becomes a more calculated approach, done by a boutique niche marketing real estate agency, with experts in the real estate marketing arena.

When you become our client and choose to sell through NZ Residential, you can rest assured that we will make sure you get a great outcome. We take our obligations seriously, after all, and only through positive word-of-mouth can we continually build and grow our service.

Our team members at NZ Residential have been specifically selected for their ability to deliver excellent service to people like yourself. In fact, our team has been across major marketing projects for a wide variety of houses, property developments and so forth, and so, we hold vast knowledge that many other larger agencies don’t have for their salespeople.