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When we sell your property, we get it in front of the eyes of as many people as possible. Our team is experienced in dealing with both local and international investors, and marketing your property through the country and around the globe. This creates visibility, and is one of our secrets to getting you a better result. Learn more about how we do it:

1. We have an immaculate ability to promote your property both within New Zealand and overseas, across many different forms and mediums. Many real estate agencies are focused on doing what’s easiest; after all, quite frankly, we don’t doubt that other agencies can sell your property; but how many are actually going to stick out for you to get the maximum offer and best deal? Our wide advertising program works hard to achieve results. This is to entice a variety of people, both locally and internationally. For example, we don’t just try to promote your property in your local Property Press (which isn’t such a bright idea after all – people from around the country are likely to be interested in your property, not just those who also live locally already). So we get it to a wide variety of advertising publications both locally within New Zealand, and internationally. The result? More people can find out about your home.

2. Not only is our advertising great, but so are our salespeople. Our team speak a wide variety of languages and come from different cultural backgrounds. This means that more buyers can take comfort in dealing with someone they can relate to and who also speaks their language. Our own sales network helps you get more for your property when you come to sell it. Plus, our agency works as a team rather than everyone going out on their own, so we can cross-promote and cross-sell your property with our database of already interested property buyers to make it as visible as possible.

3. Our in-house Property Marketing Agency and International Marketing Team is experienced in dealing with property investors (who can often pay more for your property) and ensure your property is as visible as possible by a wide audience of property buyers, including local investors, international investors, owner-occupying buyers, produces captivating brochures, information booklets, websites, video, and so forth for your property. This is amazingly important in today’s digital age. Presentation is everything when it comes to selling your home. Once again, there’s no doubt that just about anyone in our industry can sell your home, but with our marketing team going the extra mile for you at no additional cost, you’re potentially getting more people interested in your property, which means that more people are competing to buy it, and with a better result overall.