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Property Management Auckland


Many times, property investors, after buying a home will appoint a rental manager for their home. Not only do they look after the home during the period of its tenancy, but also help you get a great tenant. Our services include:

o Marketing your property
o Income collection
o Finding quality tenants – people who will treat your home right, extensive screening processes
o Helping with resolving disputes
o Regular inspections to ensure your home is being treated right.

If you’re buying a home to rent out, chances are you want to be a smart investor and maximise your investment, which also means minimizing the time spent. Our rental management team is skilled and able to deal with your rental home and ensuring it is well managed.

Our affordable property management service is able to handle matters around rental properties helping ensure smooth running of your property.

In addition, all new clients receive the service for 3 months free, when joining on our Full Property Management Service.

You can sell your home, or sell it the NZ Residential Way.
NZ Residential is committed to marketing your property to an excellent standard, doing more than you would normally expect, to successfully sell your property.

Smart Thinking

We have 3 intelligent teams working for us; the Sales Team, Property Marketing Team, and the International Marketing Department.

International Marketing

We can market your property both to those in New Zealand as well as people overseas, to help get you a wide range of buyers.

Outstanding Results

We are a team you can rely on to produce great results for you throughout the sale process.