Many people are interested to understand the financing aspects around home loan. For most home buyers, it’ll be essential for them to get a home loan or mortgage. NZ Residential itself does not provide a home loan, but can put you in touch with separate contacts for this. The homes that NZ Residential promotes stand for quality. In the past, all of NZ’s major lenders and banks have financed NZ Residential related properties.

Here are a number of aspects to consider in general:

- These days, more and more banks are willing to lend at lower deposit levels. You can potentially buy a home from a 10% deposit and this is easier if you are buying a newly constructed home.

- A great mortgage broker will often help make the process easy, and explain to you your options.

-  The type of home you can get will often depend on your budget, so it helps to understand your budget early in the process.


House Buying

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Quality Homes

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Quality Homes

Buy a quality home that will last you for many years to come. Buying new means you get
the benefits of a newly built property, and a form of a guarantee.

Easy to Understand

We are passionate about making the process easy to understand, to help keen house
buyers get on the property ladder and achieve their goals.

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Promoting homes in many up and coming New Zealand locations, and bringing a great
place to live for families.

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