Having a roof on one’s head is a basic human need because it gives people a sense of safety and security. No wonder people all over the world yearn to live in their own homes.
Kiwis are no different and the young ones living in Auckland have the same aspirations as the rest of the world. In fact, more than 90% of young Aucklanders — professionals, businesspeople, and employees — share this dream and want to have their own home in the future. The good news is that almost half of them are actively working hard to turn this dream a reality.


So determined are they that they are willing to make a lot of sacrifices in order to reach their goal. Around 77% are saving up for a deposit. Almost a quarter of them take on additional jobs or put in extra hours of work to earn more money. More than 40% said that they had cut down on spending, especially on luxury items. About 27% live with their parents or other family members to save on rent. Nearly 18% are delaying having children to save up more money for their first homes.

Giving up freedom, travel, luxuries and, fun night outs with family and friends is not easy. Everyone needs to relax every once in a while, especially after a hard week’s work. But if the end goal is to have one’s own home one day, then, it’s worth the sacrifice.

Auckland remains the most preferred city being chosen by about three-fourths of young working adults, while Waikato and Wellington trail far behind. Those who are not as optimistic about owning a property in Auckland still wish to have their own homes someday.


Around two-thirds of young Aucklanders prefer to purchase with a partner, while the rest are willing to doing it solo. Only 9% would consider buying an apartment, while 70% said they wished to have stand-alone homes.

As young people gain more maturity, their optimism turns into more realistic expectations and make adjustments in their dream homes. Although there are other considerations to think of, the biggest concern is the budget. They must think hard about an amount that is realistically achievable. They must calculate how long they have to work to achieve this. They must also include in the calculation the tricky issue on the interest rate that might fluctuate erratically and excessively in response to the movements in the market.

For many people, the Kiwi dream turns into a reality by the time they reach 30 years old. With careful and realistic calculations, discipline in handling finances, and dogged determination, people will be able to acquire their own homes according to their personal time table.

Finally, when they have wisely prepared for everything and have found a house to their liking, they must be firm in their decision and follow their heart.